‘I made excuses for not looking after myself, Raechel saw through them. I now trust others with my children and make time for myself. I’ve also started asking for help.’

Private client – SS

Raechel is an excellent listener. She is able to hone into the crux of the problem. Raechel was able to stretch me so I could see this and then how I could deal with it. Raechel installs confidence and empowerment with her questioning. She was able to highlight when I was procrastinating or struggling to recognise my own barriers to change and problems.’ 

Private client – LM

‘I have worked with Raechel on a number of diverse cases, ranging from adult women to teenagers, with a wide variety of complex issues. Raechel is undaunted and very flexible in her working methods and I understand she has successfully assisted a number of colleagues as well.

Raechel is able to prove time and time again she can support and encourage women and teenagers to be more reflective, insightful and confident in achieving better outcomes for themselves. I particularly remember one socially anxious mother with low self esteem being able, in a matter of weeks, to call me and assert herself in a way she was unable to before.

Raechel is warm and approachable and I would recommend her to any professional wanting a high quality and evidence based good outcome service.’

Simon Langley – Social Worker Norfolk County Council

‘I now have belief in myself that I can actually do things’

Women Lift Women Event – Participant

‘I feel empowered, confident and authoritative, like I’ve found my voice. Working with you has made thi-s possible.’

Social Services Client

‘Raechel helped me come to the realisation that I ‘can do’ and that so much is in my ability to change if I want to’ 

Women Lift Women Event – Participant

‘Our Women Lift Women coaching event had a dramatic effect on the team dynamic at Sandles Car Supermarket. Raechel was great at encouraging the team to share their concerns and helped them to identify ways to overcome problems inside and outside the workplace’ 

Laura Sandle – Director Sandles Car Supermarket